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Electrical Inspections
According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, any home that is over 40 years old, has had major renovations or major appliances added or is changing owners, should receive a comprehensive inspection.

Your standard home inspection will inspect the property for structural defects, as well as plumbing, electrical, and mechanical problems. But keep that property inspections are just the surface inspections. Light switches will be flipped.
Wiring in the attic will be looked at. But you should have someone look a little bit further.

What does your electrical inspection mean? It means that we will check for lose fitting outlets, check the fuse boxes and circuit breakers. Everything electrical is tested and double checked.

Why should you bother? Electricity is a powerful force that leads to another powerful force - fire. There are more than 165,000 electrical related home fires in any given year. On average, 900 people lose their lives to these fires each year.

Think about it, when was the last time you checked your electrical system? Do you check for frayed or overheated circuits? Do you put too high of wattage light bulbs into your lights?

Join CS Electric at your home and ask questions and have us explain what we are checking and why. The information can help you in the maintenance of your homes electrical system.

Keep in mind electricity isn't something to play around with. You shouldn't use 100 watt bulbs in a 40 watt fixture. Dont run extension cords heavily all over your home. Check your smoke and C.O. detectors and replace their batteries regularly. Have your home inspected and prevent any problems before they have a chance to catch a spark.