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Panel Upgrades
Does your home still have an old style fuse panel?  Are circuits overloaded? Has your insurance company refused to renew your insurance policy? Your home may be in need of a service panel upgrade. Modern circuit breaker panels are more convenient, and are built to higher safety standards than outdated fuse panels.

Extra protection is incorporated ino the latest equipment in the form of circuit breakers. These circuit breakers protect every device in the house with sensitive circuitry that responds quickly if there is a fault. There is also excellent protection available in the form of ground fault circuit breakers and arc fault circuit breakers.

Older equipment and wiring systems did not have to support the modern appliances of today. Overloading and doubling up circuits is commonly seen in older outdated panels, however, this can cause fires. Upgrading the source of power distribution to your home by installing a new panel can eliminate this potentially dangerous situation.